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What's the process?


It’s not got a simple answer as it’s hard to compare like for like.

If cost is the only driver for the purchase then there is no doubt that you can find products cheaper in the supermarkets, especially if buying in bulk. The reason for this is the buying power of supermarkets is so crippling for small businesses to compete with.

It also is impossible to compare eco friendly, vegan, pH neutral, locally sourced products against the credentials of the cheaper products which can contain oil, animal fat and other toxins...

The benefit of purchasing plastic free are massive, they help reduce single use plastic consumption and your carbon footprint, the quality of the products are high and also you are at liberty to buy weekly or in bulk, which helps with cash flow for people who are on a budget.

Does it work out more expensive than shop bought items?

Shall I get rid of all my plastic bottles and replace with glass?

Not at all! We really encourage you to reuse your empty containers, anything you use already or get creative (we filled a beautiful gin bottle during the pilot!). You can also buy empty jars and bottles from The Circle or have one of our 'ugly jugs' for free, so you don’t have to throw away plastic in order to go zero-waste.