About The Circle Refill Hub

Living in Rainham for over 10 years, I have been inspired by the attitude of local people who want to see a change within their town, to help it become more sustainable and protect our environment.

Who are we?

I can’t lie, I’m not a fan of writing about myself but I know that if I invite you to believe in the vision behind The Circle, you’ve got to believe in me too!


As a wife, mother of two children and two dogs, my nagging worry about the future of our planet has increased with each family milestone that has passed.


Buuuut, let's be honest, we can all feel a bit lost, a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the issue relating to waste, knowing just for starters that the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch is the same size as France, what difference will this one extra bottle make, right? I hear ya! I really do! But imagine if the 7 billion people on the planet all thought 'you know what, I'm going to buy #onelessbottle, how impactful every small individual action would be as a collective act. 

I hear ya too when you say 'urgh, just another thing to think about and add to my to do list, I don't want a different shop to go to'.. life's busy huh!! Gah! All these conflicting demands, go to work, be a good person, look after people, get enough sleep, exercise, meditate, blah blah ... and then go and refill on top!! We know it's important but just dont have time (I was you in 2019, so I get it!) So I've tried to consider this at every step and make refilling as accessible as possible with delivery, drop and collect, local refill hubs, appointments with as much flex as possible etc.. hopefully one can work round your busy life, but please reach out and ask if I can help I will. 

We are all in it together to reduce our plastic consumption and despite what instagram might have us  believe, no one has it all togehter, but we can all do our bit and it feels just so amazing to know your plastic consumption has gone down.

I have been called an ‘eco-geek’ and ‘tree hugger’, I used to care, I now  100% don't lol! I’ve been called it all! I don’t claim to be raising the next Greta Thunberg. I’m just an honest Mum wanting to do her part for her (and your) children’s future.  You'll see if you follow The Circle on socials, I'm keeping it real and on the same journey as you guys, you teach me so much. I get stuff wrong, I make mistakes, I wear socks and crocs and swear in my insta stories - soz! But I hope by trusting me, you can trust yourelf to take the first steps of your plastic free journey or fly the flag as an advocate feeling safe and supported.

My first actions back in 2020 were nervous and arguably small back in lockdown 1:0 - a diddy shed, a terrible website, awful lockdown hair and a dream.


Perhaps it was an increased understanding of the urgency for action to support our environment, or perhaps it was an increase in confidence to take a plunge of passion but, whatever the motivation, I wanted to do more!


I started with 5 refill products and now refill food, beauty, birdfood, household and have a range of zero waste products too, two micro refill hubs, 2 community ambassadors and loads more. I'd love one day to be even bigger and to reach more people wanting to reduce their plastic consumption, let's wait and hope. 

So that’s me and us. I welcome you to join us. I hope you believe in a sustainable future. I welcome you to believe in

The Circle.


This is Marley, the most beautiful little soul and best dog ever.

Oh and me, Liz