The Circle Refill Hub

Living in Rainham for over 10 years, I have been inspired by the attitude of local people who want to see a change within their town, to help it become more sustainable and protect our environment.

Who are we?

I can’t lie, I’m not a fan of writing about myself but I know that if I invite you to believe in the vision behind The Circle, you’ve got to believe in me too!


As a wife, mother of two children and two dogs, my nagging worry about the future of our planet has increased with each family milestone that has passed. For a long time, getting in the car for the school run, filling my trolley with pointlessly wrapped fruit and veg and tipping leftover food into the waste bin in a quick pre-bedtime clear up, made my skin crawl with guilt. But more than that ‘eco-guilt’, recognising my own hypocrisy was the turning point. There’s a chance, if you’ve read to this point, you’ve felt (or are still feeling!) this too. ‘Cognitive dissonance’ sounds more like a countdown conundrum than a psychological state, yet it perfectly names the growing modern day guilt that we all feel when we’re doing something we know we shouldn’t... something we can change. 

My dissonance isn’t about smoking or gambling, it’s about the future of the world. 

I now seemed to have switched from ‘hypocrite’ to ‘eco-geek’ or ‘tree hugger’, I’ve been called it all, but I don’t claim to be raising the next Greta Thunberg. I’m just an honest Mum wanting to do her part for her (and your) children’s future. 

My first actions were nervous and arguably small. With an employment history spanning the charity sector, I know the power of good old community volunteers so took the manageable (let’s remind you of the ‘two children and two dogs’ that suck my attention) step of joining Rainham’s Eco-Hub. A group of honest townsfolk who are stuck on the same page of the metaphorical ‘I want to help but what can I do?’ book as me. Supporting their contact with local schools, eco-church programme and litter picking - small but informed, important and impactful steps - which led to one huge one... 


The Circle.


Perhaps it was an increased understanding of the urgency for action to support our environment, or perhaps it was an increase in confidence to take a plunge of passion but, whatever the motivation, I wanted to do more! As a busy household, my husband and I were only too aware of the single use plastic waste filling our bin and, the more people we spoke to, the more obvious the solution became; a local refill centre for residents to turn their single use plastics into reusable, useful items, not landfill. A huge step for us and, hopefully, an even bigger one for the environment and our children’s future. 

So that’s our vision. I welcome you to join us. I hope you believe in a sustainable future. I welcome you to believe in

The Circle.