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I'm Kat, the new face behind The Circle Refill Hub...Hello! 


I grew up here in Rainham then spent time living in London where I still work.  I live with my husband, two children, two dogs and our ducks and chickens.  My younger years were spent trying to live somewhere...anywhere else I thought was 'better', but now I see that your home and your community is what you make it.  Everyday I see so many reasons to love where we live and I'm so grateful for every person stepping up to help in whatever way they can to make things better for all of us. 

About The Circle Refill Hub


The Circle Refill Hub was founded in 2020 by Liz in the throws of lockdown.  There are many things that can be said about those strange times, but it was certainly a time for reflection for many people, including Liz and myself.

Liz took a brave step in launching The Circle Refill Hub and creating Medway's first zero waste shop.  Whether there were others in the community that had the same aspirations was still unknown- would it even work here in Rainham!?  However, since that time over 8,000 items of plastic waste have been saved from landfill, incineration and our waterways by our amazing community.

As Liz took the difficult decision to step away, I couldn't watch from the sidelines anymore and see the momentum and hard work here we are!

We're switching from the refilling from home model to a delivery only service which I hope suits existing customers and entices some new ones who like the convenience :)

We cover the whole of Medway.  Local deliveries to Rainham, Parkwood, Wigmore, Upchurch, Hartlip and Newington run twice a week.  Deliveries to the wider Medway area run fortnightly on a Sunday.

I would have never thought 2 years ago I would be doing this, so just to say the most important things to remember are that everyone starts somewhere, changing one thing is better than changing nothing and if you're thinking of shopping here then the chances are you're looking for ways to shop more responsibly- great start!  I hope that we can make this easy for you.  

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