Rainham's first refill and zero waste shop #refillrainham

We are closing!


So the time has come to start thinking about the practicalities of selling my lovely little shop 

Thank you to everyone who’s been buying up my stock and I look forward to sharing a ‘plastic free how to’, so many of you will keep going and doing plastic free - you’re so frikkin’ awesome. 

I’ve had interest from a number of beautiful people who are interested in buying from me everything, from the shed to the scales, website, scoop bins, to payment machine… etc etc. 

Before I sell each bit little by little, I’d like to check if any beautiful person would like to buy the whole business (no set price, just make me an offer!). I’d love nothing more than to keep it going in Rainham and I know my lovely customers would be so so happy too (we didn’t close due to lack of support or interest, there is DEFO a market for zero waste here). 

If any passionate person can see this working for them and their family please get in touch. I want the right person in place so only get in touch if you believe passionately that our planet needs a helping hand to reduce single use and think differently about how we consume ‘stuff’. 

This isn’t the business venture for you if you’re not passionate about the cause  BUT I WOULD LOVE IT TO CONTINUE

As a package it would include 
- one of the small sheds
- commercial scales
- payment machines (and Micro refill hub expansion capacity machines too)
- minimum of one micro refill hub concession too (if wanted)
- 4 scoop bins
- the website / google wizardry just completed on it
- instagram page (1300 followers)
- TikTok page (it’s pretty new, but all yours if you want it!)
- decor and shelving 
- signage
- 2 months start up support from me
- the nicest customers you could ever possibly imagine 
- plastic free community joy 

I’m setting a deadline of Sunday 14th August for any register of interest - after which time, if no one is up for taking it on, I’ll sell the bit separately. 

No pressure my end at all, I’m happy either way as I know so many of you will carry on regardless, but I’ve had some people ask about helping zero waste carry on in our town, so drop us a text or DM

SO...what is refilling all about?

Local, sustainable, plastic free refilling

Here at the Circle Refill hub, we are committed to offering a convenient solution to find your refill and zero waste products at affordable prices in Rainham. We stock a large range of household, Kitchen and Bathroom products all sold packaging free making this Medway's first Zero Waste Shop. By filling up reusable containers you already have; jam jars, flip top jars, coffee tins, yoghurt pots (the big ones!) tupperware or zip lock bags, whatever you find most convenient, and buying only the amount you need, your household’s contribution to waste being sent to landfill will be reduced. Want to find out more? Click the button below

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Book an appointment to visit The Hub

Bookings are open and super easy! 

Check socials for walk-in dates.

Click and collect always available for pre dropped bottles

Delivery also available *see page for areas covered*.

Take care on the steps and ask if they'll be a challenge

(I can always come down to meet you to make it easier)


Please consider our neighbours when parking

for a happy harmonious neighbourhood

Thank you so much xxx


"Lovely visit today just waiting for my hand wash to arrive. Lovely and friendly and only a few doors away from me. Thank you so much"

- Karen


BYO, buy or thrift

Old coke bottles, gin bottles, ice cream tub... we don't mind!

If you don’t have your own bottle with you, you can take a look in our 'ugly jug' gifted bottle donation bin of used bottles that you can pick from. These are bottles that people have dropped off or saved from recycling bins.


Bottles are weighed on a scale both before and after it’s filled so that you are only charged for the weight of the product. All products are sold from a minimum order of 100ml/g, so you can shop each week, or bulk buy.