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Hunter's Icy Adventure - Eco Book Cicuit

Hunter's Icy Adventure - Eco Book Cicuit


The Circle Eco Book Circuit


Want to educate yourself or inspire your children or grandchildren? Borrow and return eco themed books with us!


It's free (well 1p...) to borrow and we don't have time limits on the books as they can be returned in line with your delivery slots. All we ask is that you do return them and try to keep them nice for others ☺️


Just add the book to your order and it'll be dropped with your delivery. Leave out with your empties when you're done with it and it'll be collected and put back on the website.


If you have any eco books that you'd like to donate then we'd be happy to receive them.


To join the circuit we would just ask if you could make a small donation, whatever you can afford, to local children's cancer charity, 'My Shining Star'.


Happy reading everyone!

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